Pencil Sharpener / Universal

For Regular/Chubby Pencils, Multi-Use, Creates Fine/Rounded Tips

R 150.00

Pro Palette Eye Shadow / Concealer x 15 (Insert)

15 Small Compartments, Fits Shadow / Concealer, Customizable

R 150.00

Foundation Pump

Use with Studio Fix Fluid, Easy Distribution, Self-Capping

R 150.00

Full Lash Curler

Full-Sized, Curling, Easy To Use

R 530.00

Half Lash Curler

Half-Sized, Curling, For Inner Lashes

R 400.00

Tweezers / Slant

Slant-Tipped, Texturized Tip, Grooming

R 600.00

Brush Cleanser

Cleansing, Conditions Brushes

R 360.00

Duo Adhesive

Latex Formula, Dries Clear, Long-Wearing

R 450.00