Reign Apiim

Jewellery designer and artist Reign Apiim breaks down her unique approach to street style

In My Beauty, fashion and culture’s most compelling faces reveal in their own words what beauty means to them

She’s the jewellery designer, artist and writer with a unique approach to street style. Channelling a heady mix of braids, body chains and ball gowns, Reign Apiim, one of the freshest faces on Instagram via the New York sidewalk, is an entity all to herself. And through her bold approach to personal style and beauty, she suggests a truly individual approach to the way we each present ourselves to the world.

“I studied visual arts, then moved to Parsons in New York where I got my BFA in Fashion Design. I was a stereotypical art kid. One pant long, one leg short. But when I was 23, living in Jersey and having recently gotten out of a bad relationship, I had an awakening in the Laundromat – I went home, put all of my clothes to the back of my closet, and went out to buy vintage gowns, wedding dresses, saris – because I lived in an Indian neighbourhood at the time – and that’s what I wear now every day. I never wear pants.”

“I also got into dream interpretation, which led me to crystals, which led to me making jewellery. I guess I’ve always been like this and I was lucky to have great parents who always allowed me to dress how I like. I would take the bed sheets and try to turn them into a wedding dress and put curtains over my head.”

“It all comes together in a look that is culturally and racially ambiguous. In New York, there are so many different cultures living side by side. I think I confuse people, and I love that. I want to show people that its 2016 and we don’t need to be confined by stereotypes.”

“I think I confuse people, and I love that. I want to show people that its 2016 and we don’t need to be confined by stereotypes.” – Reign Apiim

“Everyone sees the world from a different perspective. To me, the most beautiful people are the ones who are a reflection of that perspective. It’s an attitude. You might not be looking your best, but if you’re happy and true to yourself there will be a light around you that people will naturally gravitate towards.”

“So, throw away the idea that you have to look a certain way to be beautiful. Throw away the magazines and delete your browser history. If there is something you lean towards – a hair cut, a colour, whatever – start with that. Write about it. It’s not just about the makeup or the hair or the clothes, it’s about self-evaluation and self-discovery. Nurture yourself, and only then will you come into your true style.”