Tom Sapin

Started in 2005

  • Pro Longwear Paint Pot

    Long-Wearing, Blendable, Creamy

    R 515.00 R 309.00

    Shade: Groundwork

  • Eye Kohl

    Silky Formula, Rich Colour, Matte/Pearl Finish

    R 425.00 R 255.00

    Shade: Powersurge

About The Artist

Senior Artist Tom Sapin

is a born Parisian. “Even before living there for eight years, I felt like I was a Parisian,” he confesses. Born and bred in the centre of France, in a quiet region more famous for its castles and wines than its avant-garde makeup trends, Sapin took cue from his mother who he remembers watching apply makeup to this day. He worked on the M·A·C counter in Paris for five years before quickly rising through the ranks to become an internationally recognized artist working on fashion editorials and shows. Read on for more on his favourite products and tips…

Mom’s the Word

“My mother loved makeup and had a lot of shadows and lipsticks. When I was three years old, my passion was apparently painting the bathroom with makeup. At the same time, I began drawing and watching 60s movies, which I think still influence me to this day. I’m still into big eyes and Smolder Eye Kohl is still one of my favourite products. I’m really impressed by how easy it is to a create a smoky eye.”

Prime of Life

“I love M·A·C because it respects everyone’s individuality. It also has some really good, staple products. It would be impossible for me to say that a person should go out with only one product in their bag, but a firm favourite is Light Boost Prep + Prime Highlighter. For any quick touch-up, the brush tip of this highlighter helps to cover, highlight and bring the skin to perfection in seconds.”

C’est Chic

“I am pretty happy to see more and more lip focus in the street. The Parisian girl is always into a nude face: something very sheer that uses natural colours. It is funny to see how they kept this nude trend on skin but started wearing Russian Red or Hang-Up Lipstick. I’m also seeing a rise in demand for Blot Film. I always keep at least three in my kit because I know it disappears so fast.”

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