Melissa Gibson

Started in 1991

About The Artist

Senior Artist Melissa Gibson’s 

love of makeup began with her mother and has grown no less strong as she raises her own children today. A traditionalist at heart, she admits to being a lifelong fan of M·A·C staples including the best-selling Russian Red lipstick. For Gibson, makeup is a form of art and a way of telling stories. It has not only allowed her to travel the world, but to meet people and hear their stories too. Here, she opens up about her fascinating and rewarding journey.

A Girl for all Seasons

“I was born and raised in Canada.  Canadian girls are savvy, but don’t scream makeup. We live by our temperate seasons and our products vary based on the weather. In the summer, waterproof mascara like Zoom Waterfast Lash is great, along with Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15. Fall would be more of a pared-down look with maybe a shot of colour on the lip like Show Orchid Lipstick. In spring, colour makes us happy while in winter we require a bit more coverage and a deeper colour on the face. Warm Soul Mineralize Blush is one of those perfect shades. It adds warmth to the skin, but leaves a slight shimmer to bring life back to the face.”

Mommy Dearest

“My earliest makeup memory was watching my mother apply her makeup. I think it’s because of her that I got interested in this profession in the first place. She made black liquid liner look easy and it’s still one of my favourite application techniques. I love the technical side of makeup almost as much as the artistry.”


“One of the most moving experiences of my career was doing makeup for a girl whose brother was in the hospital, dying from AIDS.  She took a break from caring for him to come and purchase a VIVA GLAM Lipstick. I had no idea what was going on in her life. I offered to do her makeup and she accepted. After chatting with her for a while, she told me her story. It’s unbelievable what makeup can do. That chance encounter made me feel like I had done something much more than simply paint someone’s face.”

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