Beno Lim

Started in 2004

About The Artist

Senior Artist Beno Lim

is on a one-man mission to champion minimalism. Taking his cue from the tropical climate of Singapore where he was born and raised, Lim promotes a style of makeup reminiscent of his favourite actress, Cate Blanchett, celebrating natural beauty and teaching us all to be less heavy-handed with our skin. That said, his love of makeup began with a slightly less subtle application of cerise pink blusher and red lipstick, during a school performance of a traditional dance for the Singapore National Day celebrations. Here he tells us about his unique approach and pared down sensibilities.

Playing Dress-up

“My first makeup-related memory was from around seven-years-old. I was in kindergarten, I always volunteered myself for the dance performance during Children’s Day or our National Day celebrations. I would get dressed up in costume and my teacher would apply my makeup. I still remember the shocking pink cheeks and the red lips! I would be so excited because at the end of the performance I would receive toys or stationery as presents.”

Lights, Camera…

“My dream would be jet setting to mystical, mountainous Bhutan for a photo shoot with Cate Blanchett. I would pack Lightful Softening Lotion, which immediately infuses the skin with moisture for maximum comfort and a supple, smooth look. This would be followed by Lightful Essence and Studio Face and Body Foundation. This must-have foundation is perfect to use anywhere on the face and body. I love that once it sets, its water-base is long lasting, durable and stays colour-true.

Fresh and Easy

“The look that I am seeing everyone wanting now is polished, beautiful skin. People want to wear ‘invisible’ makeup, looking like they have naturally good skin. It’s a good look, and very practical, especially for a tropical humid climate like Singapore. I also notice people using bright shades of lip colour more and more.”

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