Dominic Skinner

United Kingdom
Started in 2004

  • Eye Shadow

    Rich Colour, Professional, Iconic

    R 410.00

    Shade: Shroom

  • Lip Pencil

    Creamy, Professional, Artistry

    R 365.00

    Shade: Cherry

  • Eye Shadow

    Rich Colour, Professional, Iconic

    R 410.00

    Shade: Print

About The Artist

Senior Artist Dominic Skinner

British born, self-confessed nomad Dominic Skinner is a daydreamer with dynamism to boot. “When I was young, my family and I never lived in one place for too long,” he explains. “We moved around the UK and even around Europe. This semi-nomadic youth lead to two things: a close family and a vivid imagination.” Meeting his match working backstage with the formidable Alexander McQueen, he champions a brave and bold approach to makeup, often encouraging his clients to experiment. “Despite having moved around a lot, I don’t need to travel anywhere in particular for inspiration,” he admits. “I find that there are ideas all around me, it’s just a case of spotting the ones that other people might have missed.”

Meeting McQueen

“My most memorable M•A•C moment has to have been assisting Alex Box on a magazine shoot that was being directed by Alexander McQueen. It was the autumn and we were in the woods working with children in miniature Haute Couture gowns and smoke machines. It was a truly magical moment. I think we can learn a lot from McQueen’s bold, creative vision. Don't be scared to try new things, especially with makeup. If you see something that catches your eye, give it a go. It can easily be removed, but then again, you might surprise yourself!”

Some Cheek

My favourite feature is the cheek. There is nothing better than a well contoured and highlighted cheekbone. My tip is to get the right tool. The 138 Tapered Face Brush is perfect for this. It's the same shape as a cheek, so great for applying blush. The tip is pointed so allows for great contour – and it's super soft so will polish up any highlighter into the highest shine. My signature is texture. A super matte skin next to a full gloss lip, in my eyes, is perfection!

Bare Essentials

Keep the basics in good condition. Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser is the best face wash I have ever found. Prep & Prime Essential Oils is great and I use it every day, even on my oily skin, as it instantly makes me look and feel better. Mineralize Concealer gives a quick clean up or you can use a lot for full-face impact. Either way, you are set for any occasion. And finally, M•A•C Lip Conditioner is the product I cannot live without as it makes everyone’s lips look full and healthy.

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